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SPHRI® Preparation Materials Books 

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SPHRI® Preparation Materials Books 

If you plan to Self study and prepare for the SPHRI® Exam

This's your best Option!

  • The Books designed to be integrated and covering each topic into great details, it facilitates the SPHRI® Exam Body of Knowledge so it's not a problem anymore if you're not Certified PHRI or even you didn’t study or exposed to its content before, the books designed in away that considers our HRM Educational systems and our learning styles in the MENA and Gulf Regions.

  • Each book can be so useful for general knowledge, studying and learning about each functional area of the SPHRI® exam either to prepare for the Exam or using this practical knowledge, Case studies, example and other resources in the books to enhance your HR practical knowledge and Background to use it in your daily work activities.

  • All books developed in easily and comprehended international English language, it’s organized and facilitated to be easily understood and suitable for all Job levels and all years of experience brackets and backgrounds.

  • 4 Books, Book for each Exam Functional Area.

  • 4 Presentations, a presentation for each book.

  • 1 Book, Bank of questions (SPHRI Test Bank for Exam preparation).



Inside Egypt 175$

Outside Egypt 275$

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Egypt & Other Countries 


Same Number for (Viber, IMO, BOTIM, What's app, Telegram, FaceTime)

(Shipping is available to all Countries)

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