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PHRI™ Certification

The Professional in Human Resources – International (PHRi™) a globally credential that is designed to validate professional-level of core human resource knowledge and skills. credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. This credential is developed to validate core human resource knowledge and skills and demonstrated mastery of generally accepted principles, independent of geographic region, from professionals practicing HR outside of the United States. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credentials enhance the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve Global accreditation and Worldwide Recognition

The  (PHRi™) exam is divided into six functional areas, or domains. The weighting of each area is based on its relative importance to the knowledge requirements of an HR professional with in-country responsibilities. During the preparation course we work on the six Modules using To-BASICS techniques.

Why HRCI Certification?

The HR Certification Institute offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced professional credentials for HR professionals worldwide. Through the combination of formal education and experience, adherence to high ethical Standards, demonstrated knowledge and achievement through exam and a renewed commitment to continuing professional development, certified HR professionals enhance their credibility and the organizations they serve. 500,000+HR professionals HRCI-certified worldwide over 45 years.proudly maintain the HR Certification Institute’s credentials as a mark of high professional distinction.  Read More about HRCI

Functional Area 01 | Talent Acquisition (19%)
Functional Area 02 | HR Administration and Shared Services (19%)
Functional Area 03 | Talent Management and Development (19%)
Functional Area 04 | Compensation, Benefits, and Work Experience (17%)
Functional Area 05 | Employee Relations and Risk Management (16%)
Functional Area 06 | HR Information Management (10%)

PHRI Certification

Our Support and Assistance To Get Certified

  • Free Counseling, Advising and guidance for the proper Certification program for you through an experienced and certified instructor.

  • Certified instructor directly answers your calls for any questions and inquiries.

  • We Provide you with all needed and full support in Exam registration process.

  • PHRI Study Guide 2022

  • We Provide you with full guidance In the application Process and Payment.

  • You speak directly with the program certified instructor who provides you with full assistance and directly answers your questions and inquiries.

  • You will have a study plan with your instructor who give you the guidance and advice about the exam date selection.

  • Your Instructor will Follow-up with you before and after the exam.

  • We provide you with the opportunity to expand your HR Professional Network with other Certified HR professionals on local and international level.

Know More About Jobeex

We support you

PHRI™ Certification Preparation Course Overview

In this course, you learn the essentials of Professional in Human Resources - International (PHRi™) Certificate through Jobeex special technique of delivering the (PHRi™) body of knowledge and the know-how which  is considered essential for passing the exam, based on 90% success rate results of all course attendees in Jobeex 


Using the most effective learning methods and techniques to deliver (PHRi/SPHRi - SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP) programs content with the highest quality and the best learning environment. .

Based on Attendees feedback of their exam taking experience we’re continuously update and develop our training methodology, that guarantee the success in (PHRi™) exam, where we combined the HRM knowledge, principles and aspects with real life examples, case studies, documents from well known local and multinational companies inside and outside Egypt, where we link the theory and practice. 


Jobeex is HRCI's  Certification Preparation Provider  More

Course Package includes:

  • Certificate of Attendance for (PHRi™) Exam preparation program from Jobeex. 

  • Full support in exam registration process, application, payment, exam date scheduling.

  • Learn exam tricks and techniques.

  • Certified Instructor.

  • Within one year from attending the course you're eligible to Re-attend again one more time for free.

  • Provide you with study plan and all needed free materials.

  • Expanding your network and share your experience with hundreds of certified HR professionals had already the preparation program with us.

Course Details

Course Content:
Six Modules (Exam Topics) Read More
Start Date:
Please contact us for next rounds information and to answer all your inquiries
Course Duration: 45 Hours in 11 weeks, 60 Hours 15 weeks
Course is Available online / Classroom / Friday's / Saturday's

PHRI Preparation Course
PHRI Exam Details

Is this Certification Right for Me?

Earn international HR acclaim with the Professional in Human Resources - International™ (PHRi™) from HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®). The PHRi (formerly the Human Resources Business Professional™ or HRBP™), for internationally based practitioners, validates professional-level competency, knowledge and skills to help to propel your HR career forward. With the PHRi, you demonstrate mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles in a single international setting.


Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for the PHRi you must meet one of the following conditions for education and experience:

  • Have at least one year of experience in a professional-level HR position + a master’s degree or global equivalent, 

  • Have at least two years of experience in a professional-level HR position + a bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, OR

  • Have at least four years of experience in a professional-level HR position + a high school diploma or global equivalent.

What Is Covered?

Review the PHRi Exam Content Outline for details.

What Is the Exam Format & Length?

  • Computer-based Testing (CBT) at a Prometric testing center

  • Exam time: 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  • Exam length: 90 scored questions (mostly multiple-choice) + 25 pretest questions

  • Language: English (Spanish Translation Aid available)

PHRI Content Details

PHRI™ Certification Preparation Outlines (Body of Knowledge) covered during the PHRI™ Preparation Course

Download PHRI™Certification all (Body of Knowledge) pdf

Functional Area 01 | Talent Acquisition (19%)

Actions needed to make sure an organization has employees with the right skills in the right positions at the right time.

Knowledge of:

01  The job analysis process and organization needs

02  Job evaluation and job descriptions

03  Existing best recruitment practices, platforms, sourcing channels, and labor market

04  Existing best recruitment practices and trends (utilizing different platforms or channels to source talent)

05  Current market situation and talent pool availability (internal and external)

06  Interview and assessment methods

07  Job requirements

08  How to measuring recruiting effectiveness (e.g., time-to-fill, cost-per-hire)

09  Applicant tracking systems and/or methods

10  General compensation and benefits administration methods (e.g., market reference ranges/pay tiers, compa-ratio, fringe benefits)

11 Verbal and written offer/contract techniques 

Functional Area 02 | HR Administration and Shared Services (19%)

Activities that support employees and managers by responding to requests for information and gathering and storing information in a manner that ensures integrity and accurate retrieval.

Knowledge of:

01  Organization policies, procedures, ongoing programs, and other engagement activities

02  Record keeping requirements

03  Regulations related to handling sensitive personal data

04  Leave management policies and processes

05  Statutory leave of absence requirements (e.g., holidays, paid leave, maternity)

06  Benefits tracking systems

07  Organization benefits and compensation policies and processes 

08  Statutory requirements related to benefits

09  HR Information Systems (HRIS) platforms

10  Onboarding process and logistical arrangements

11  Employment lifecycle

12  Legal requirements to onboard new employees

13  Organization values, history, organizational structure

14  Offboarding process and logistical arrangements

15  Legal requirements to separate employees

16  Upcoming updates, changes, organization news

17  Employee demographics in order to effectively communicate with all employees

18  Various organizational structures 

Functional Area 03 | Talent Management and Development (19%)

Processes that support effective talent management, employee engagement and development.

Knowledge of:

01  Best practice survey methods

02  Job analysis

03  Principles of employment

04  Market trends

05  Learning and development tools and methodologies

06  Coaching and mentoring methods

07  Organizational structure

08  Qualitative/quantitative survey and reporting methods

09  Corporate culture and policies

10  Emerging HR trends and the impact on the workplace 

11  Organization’s performance management strategies and methodologies

12  Adult learning theories and best practices

13  Organization’s development strategy 

Download PHRI™Certification all (Body of Knowledge) pdf

Functional Area 04 | Compensation, Benefits, and Work Experience (17%)

Total reward systems that support recruitment, retention, and recognition of employees and improve organizational results.

Knowledge of:

01  Benefits and compensation strategy and the connection to human capital strategy

02  Methods to align and benchmark compensation

03  Employee engagement principles and theories to enhance employee experience

04  Benefits and compensation programs in extensive detail

05  Employee Value Proposition and its effect on employee engagement, talent acquisition, and retention

06  Current market data obtained through market studies and salary surveys

07  Pay structure techniques 

Functional Area 05 | Employee Relations and Risk Management (16%)

Policies and practices that ensure workplace safety, legal compliance and employee satisfaction.

Knowledge of:

01  Regional safety laws and guidelines

02  Process management

03  Specific employment laws and guidelines

04  Corrective action methods

05  Organization policies

06  Legal best practices

07  Internal and external audit procedures

08  Proper documentation methods and systems

09  Recordkeeping best practices 

10  Business continuity plan development

11  Process mapping and workflow development

12  Local labor compliance and regulations

13  Investigation practices 

Functional Area 06 | HR Information Management (10%) Processes that help the organization access and use human resource technology.

Knowledge of:

01  Existing business processes within areas of expertise

02  Organizational policies and procedures

03  Gap analysis

04  Effective data reporting

05  Existing HRIS, reporting tools, and other systems 

06  Change management tools and techniques

07  Different communication techniques

08  Knowledge management techniques and practices

09  Organization structure and responsibilities

10  Job profiles to ensure proper access to users

11  Ongoing processes the system performs

12  Organization HRIS/tools/procedures

13  Trends and root causes of problems

14  Existing processes in the organization

15  User and customer requirements

16  Business 

Jobeex PHRI Study Guide 3 after edit.jpg

PHRI Preparation Materials Books

PHRI® Preparation Materials Books 

If you plan to Self study and prepare for the PHRI® exam, 

This's your best Option!

  • Each book can be so useful to study and learn about each functional area either to prepare for the PHRI® exam or to use it as practical knowledge in your daily work, each book contains case studies, examples and other resources in addition to Test Bank and Presentations cover each functional area.

  • All books developed in easily and comprehended international English language, it’s organized and facilitated to be easily understood and suitable for all Job levels and all years of experience brackets and backgrounds.

  • 6 Books, Book for each Exam Functional Area

  • 6 Presentations, a presentation for each Book

  • 1 Book, Bank of questions (PHRI Test Bank or Exam preparation) 

Order your copy now:

Egypt & Other Countries 

Whatsapp: +201000217136 , M: +201008777307
(Viber, IMO, BOTIM, What's app, Telegram)

(Shipping is available to all Countries)

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PHRI Study Guide 2018

More Information

PHRI Exam Content Outline

PHRi Exam Content Outline In details with each functional area Responsibilities and Knowledge required.

Application Process

4 Steps to Certification

1)Choose the right certification for you.

2)Apply for the exam.

3) Prepare for your exam.

4) Take the exam

PHRI Exam Questions Samples and Answers

PHRI Exam Questions Samples, Answers and Explanation

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