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PHRI® Study Guide 2018

If you plan to Self study and prepare for the PHRI® exam, If you're Instructor and deliver the PHRI® Preparation Course, this the best Option!


Each book can be so useful to study and learn about each functional area either to prepare for the PHRI® exam or to use it as practical knowledge in your daily work or to use it in teaching and delivering the PHRI® Preparation Course , each book contains case studies, examples and other resources in addition to Test Bank and Presentations cover each functional area.


If you're instructor and deliver the PHRI® Preparation Course, PHRI® Study Guide 2018 is the best option, the 6 presentation are prepared where you can use it in lectures in addition to student activities and cases studies included and demonstrated in the books 


All books are developed in easily comprehended language, organized and facilitated to be easily understood by all different years of experiences and backgrounds.


• 6 Books 

• 6 Presentations for studying and teaching uses 

• Bank of questions for PHRI Exam preparation 


Price: Egyptians Inside Egypt: 100$

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PHRI™ Certification Study Guide 2018

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