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Labor Law Program is a complementary and required qualification to apply on HRCI exams (aPHRI, PHRI, SPHRI)

PHRI, SPHRI and aPHRI require documented knowledge of local employment laws.

The Program covers all aspects of Labor Law in a very simplified approach using To-BASICS training methodology to ensure proper delivery of information and retention of knowledge in addition to providing the necessary know-How to effectively apply and use all program materials in day to day activities concerning the Labor Law.

We're so unique in linking the theory and practice that will give you the opportunity to apply what you have in the training session on the daily working activities and situations, that's will also increase your retention of information


Labor law

Functional Area 01 | Talent Acquisition (19%)
Functional Area 02 | HR Administration and Shared Services (19%)
Functional Area 03 | Talent Management and Development (19%)
Functional Area 04 | Compensation, Benefits, and Work Experience (17%)
Functional Area 05 | Employee Relations and Risk Management (16%)
Functional Area 06 | HR Information Management (10%)

The Professional in Human Resources – International (PHRi™) a globally credential that is designed to validate professional-level of core human resource knowledge and skills. credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. This credential is developed to validate core human resource knowledge and skills and demonstrated mastery of generally accepted principles, independent of geographic region, from professionals practicing HR outside of the United States. Through demonstrated knowledge, the credentials enhance the credibility of HR professionals and the organizations they serve Global accreditation and Worldwide Recognition

The  (PHRi™) exam is divided into six functional areas, or domains. The weighting of each area is based on its relative importance to the knowledge requirements of an HR professional with in-country responsibilities. During the preparation course we work on the six Modules using To-BASICS techniques.

PHRI™ Certification Preparation Course

In this course, you learn the essentials of Professional in Human Resources - International (PHRi™) Certificate through To-BASICS special technique of delivering the (PHRi™) body of knowledge and the know-how which  is considered essential for passing the exam, based on 90% success rate results of all course attendees in To-BASICS (Jobeex before)


Using the most effective learning methods and techniques to deliver (PHRi/SPHRi - SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP) programs content with the highest quality and the best learning environment. .

Based on Attendees feedback of their exam taking experience we’re continuously update and develop our training methodology, that guarantee the success in (PHRi™) exam, where we combined the HRM knowledge, principles and aspects with real life examples, case studies, documents from well known local and multinational companies inside and outside Egypt, where we link the theory and practice. 

To-BASICS is HRCI's Strategic Alliance and Approved Provider  More

Course Package includes:

  • Certificate of Attendance for (PHRi™) Exam preparation program from To-BASICS (HRCI's Strategic Alliance and Approved Provider. 

  • Full support in exam registration process, application, payment, exam date scheduling.

  • Learn exam tricks and techniques.

  • Certified Instructor PHRI, SPHRI and SHRM-SCP.

  • Within one year from attending the course you're eligible to Re-attend again one more time for free.

  • Provide you with study plan and all needed free materials.

  • Expanding your network and share your experience with hundreds of certified HR professionals had already the preparation program with us.

  • We provide you with 25% on Exam Fees

HRCI Approved Provider

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Course Details

Course Content:

Six Modules (Exam Topics) Read More

Start Date:

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4,200 EGP For Egyptians
Course Duration: 33 Hours in 11 weeks

We Provide you with 25% on Exam Fees

Course is Available online

Nasr City, El Tyaran Street

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