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Essentials of Human Resources      

(10 D * 5 H )

The Essentials of Human Resources program provides an introductory overview of key HR topics and the fundamental issues surrounding HR to help you effectively approach the challenging issues and everyday situations that you face on the job.

Essentials are ideal for those who are:

•    New to HR

•    Small business owners

•    Managers and professionals with HR responsibilities


Learning Modules: The program covers six key topics and provides tools you can immediately put to use in your organization:

•    Human Resources Strategic Management

•    Talent Acquisition. Develop important skills for attracting and selecting employees

•    Total Rewards. Learn the key elements of a total compensation system

•    Learning and Development. Obtain an understanding of orientation, development, and training

•    Performance Management. Discover the purpose and process for performance evaluation

•    Employment Law. Enhance your ability to apply key HR legislation

Essentials of Human Resources

Organization development        

(4D * 4H)

This Organizational Development course is designed to help managers, HR professionals and OD specialists more effectively tackle the challenges associated with developing a competent workforce that is confident, productive and committed to realizing organizational goals..       


OD  are ideal for those who are:

•    OD specialist

•    HR managers and section head

•    Small business owners


•    The different elements of the OD process

•    Managerial motivation and barriers to OD

•    How to effectively implement , communicate and improve OD practice

•    Org. Structure how create from A to Z

•    Competency framework

•    Performance Management goals and tricks

•    How to create realistic vision for the future

Organization development

 Payroll preparation & analysis

(5D * 4H)


This function was very essential to all HR professional for how to calculate the Salary, budget and how to make analysis implementation. 

Payroll preparation & analysis are ideal for those who are:

•    Payroll specialist

•    HR Manager

•    Payroll Accountant 


•    Payment types , Salary classifications , Payroll Transactions (effects) and Payroll cycle.

•    How to deal with the various effects (sick leaves – annual leaves – absence – penalties – overtime – etc.)

•    Payroll Overview elements Type of Earnings (Fixed & variable – type of Deductions) and general calculation.

•    Taxation & Social Insurance and way of calculation, How to calculate tax a-Formula.

•    Calculate salary starting from scratch, Handling payroll errors, Pay slip preparations and Payroll reports.

•    Budgeting for payroll department expenses and how Preparing the yearly budget 

•    Reporting payroll and contributions 

•    Accounting and auditor roles in payroll process

Payroll preparation & analysis
Competency Based Interviews

Competency Based Interviews

( 3D *4H )

The Competency Based Interviewing is a style of interviewing that was developed in the 1970's explores behavioral interviewing as that of "the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation". Currently, most organizations are using competency based interviewing to some degree. Unlike traditional interviews, Competency interviewing emphasizes past performance and behaviors Define Core, Behavioral and Functional Competencies and Core Values.


CBI  ideal for those who are:

•    Recruiters whose involved in hiring process

•    HR Manager

•    HR Professional 



•    Traditional Interviews Vs Behavioral Interviews

•    Principles and benefits of competency-based interviews.

•    Effective interview questions in alignment with Organization Competency Framework

•    Interviewing skills and techniques; active listening, probing, questioning

•    Different Types of Interview: One2one, Panel, Dinner, Sequence

•    Body Language and non-verbal clues

•    STAR Approach - Behavior Based Questions Formulation

•    Recruitment Process continuous development

Talent Acquisition

(5D * 4H )


Talent acquisition Training Course provides line managers or HR professionals with practical recruitment techniques and key skills to conduct interviews for hiring or promotion.

This course provides your management teams & hr professionals with effective tools and techniques needed to develop an accurate job specification, objectively review CVs, carry out effective interviews and find the right person for the right job.

This course is not just about theory alone, our recruitment training is designed to ensure “you the interviewer” asks the right questions and confidently implements a successful recruitment & selection process.


Talent acquisition ideal for those who are:

•    HR Professionals

•    HR Staff, Supervisors

•    Team Leaders

•    Line Managers

•    Anyone With Recruitment Duties



•    Job Analysis & Job Description

•    Recruitment planning

•    Recruitment Sources

•    Recruitment implementation

•    Different types of Interviews 

•    Employer branding


Talent acquisition

Performance management

(4D * 4H)


To ensure management have the skills to quantify impact, and provide timely direction for employees’ contribution at all levels to achieve alignment between strategic direction and organizational activities

PM ideal for those who are:

•    This course is designed for those who are involved in influencing, formulating organizational/ departmental objectives

•    HR Professionals

•    operational managers, senior professionals



•    Strategy and performance management terminology review

•    Challenges in performance measurement

•    Key performance indicators concept map

•    KPI historical overview and current state of practice

•    Types of KPIs, measures and metrics

•    Efficiency KPIs: when to use and their formula

•    KPI documentation form design

•    Management theory informing the value added by using KPIs

•    How to translate and cascade KPI’s at all levels

•    Implement key performance indicators management framework

•    Ensure effective management of the KPI measurement process in all phases

•    Performance Appraisal vs PMS

•    Performance Appraisal Methods 

•    Performance management cycle and purpose of the annual performance review


Performance management
Grading & Salary structure workshop

Grading & Salary structure workshop

(4D * 4H )

Compensation often impacts an employee’s motivation, job satisfaction and performance. Many employees feel motivated to help their companies succeed if the employer offers them a respected competitive compensation packages.

Compensation and benefits ideal for those who are:

•     Human Resource Professionals 

•    Comp & Ben specialist/Managers

•    HR supervisor

•    Entrepreneurs



•    Apply Employee Value Proposition at your company.

•    Identifying the basic elements of compensation package.

•    How to price professional and managerial jobs.

•    Establish and design a market competitive compensation structure.

•    Understand the compensation system design issues and how to handle it.

•    Learn to calculate how many levels your grading system should have, and how to create the related salary bands.

•    Analyze and enhance the different ways in which the rewards function supports your recruitment efforts.

•    Master the Merit Based Matrix Excel calculations.

•    Master the important principles that should always underline how you design incentives at your company (annual bonus, sales incentive).

•    Understand employee engagement and how to link it to rewards.

•    Receive practical tips for analyzing data and the implementation of any Rewards project.

•    Know how to get the management buy-in using statistics


Job evaluation workshop

(4D * 4H)

By using a job evaluation process in your business organization, you assess the relative content and value of positions and determine equitable, understandable and competitive compensation. Job content is evaluated based on work type, skills and knowledge required; value is evaluated based on each job's contribution to company goals. Some of the most commonly used methods of job evaluation, upon which other methods are based can be customized to your company's specific needs.


Job evaluation ideal for those who are:

•    HR Professionals

•    HR Managers, Supervisors

•    Comp & Ben specialist



•     Understand the Importance of Job Evaluations

•     Understand the difference between the Job Evaluation methods

•     Master the most commonly used Point Factor Method

•     How to prepare a Job Description that ensures a smooth Job Evaluation

•     Apply the most common Job Evaluation Framework

•     Recognize the Critical Factors in Job Evaluation

Job evaluation workshop

 Advanced personnel course


A very practical training course that provides you with all the common mistakes that happen in Personnel, you will thoroughly understand all the loopholes of the law, how to protect your company from penalties, know all the violations and their impact and much more!


Advanced personnel course ideal for those who are:

•     All Human Resource Professionals

•     Payroll Accountants

•     Public Accountants

•     Entrepreneurs



•     Gaining a strong knowledge of Labor Law and the related governmental formalities regulations. .

•     Independently handling the whole process of social security insurance and obligatory medical insurance for your employees.

•     Mastering the Personnel files and records keeping and management.

•     Handling the Labor Bureau, Social Insurance & Tax Authority Audits.

•     Highlighting the most common mistakes in the application of Labor Law, Social Insurance and Tax calculation.

•     Identifying what HR Managers need to know to lead the Personnel Function.

•     Tips & Tricks from the best practice of the field


Advanced personnel course

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